Warning: the only legally valid general conditions are those in Italian.

  1. General

These general conditions of sale apply to this website justbijoux.com, and can suffer changes without notice; any changes will be valid from the time of its publication. The customer who uses these pages should inform and expressly accept the content of these general terms


  1. Stock and offers

The website justbijoux.com offers bijoux products, these products published online are valid as long as visible on the website and while stocks permitted. The inventory tracking within our database is done automatically before concluding an order, however, given the type of sale we offer, to the last products of the series, it may happen a product cannot be delivered due to error that occurs between the inventory and the physical warehouse, to ensure the effective storage and shipping of an purchased product we issue a confirmation of the availability, in case of impossibility of delivery on a purchased item we will proceed to a total amount refund, including all expenses paid by customer.


  1. Images, descriptions and measurements

The illustrations on the website are provided only as a guide and not binding. The images are given at most care in the creation of product but cannot guarantee the exact color matching between physical product and the photography, the customer acknowledges that may occur. If the important differences are subject to a return claim the customer is entitled to it stated further in these general conditions. The information on catalogs, explanations and descriptions are to be considered indicative and not binding. The company disclaims responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies relating to drawings, pictures or diagrams on the website, in those catalogs or in product descriptions.

The measures expressed on the site and the compositions make reference to what is written on the label by the manufacturer, it is therefore not possible for us to ensure the correspondence of it. The faculty of substitution and return to the customer is expressed in this paper at point 8.


  1. Prices and currencies

The prices shown on the website are expressed in the highlighted currency alongside the amount requested, in case of absence we always refer to the currency of Swiss Franc. They include VAT rate applied in Switzerland at the time of the purchase and does not include the costs of packaging and shipping, that are charged separately, unless special conditions expressed in the content of the website and only if confirmed in the final phase of purchase.

All orders are payable exclusively in the currency expressly accepted by the company. The choice, if accepted, should be defined before the ending the payment. Once passed this phase further is no longer accepted to change the currency.

The company reserves the right to change its prices at any time. The charged prices for the ordered products are those that were enforce when the order was made and are listed in the order confirmation. The discounts offered on the website are combined with other discounts only on explicit provisions. All the discounts are directly deducted from the purchase order. The total amount of the cart during the payment will appear as a single amount expressly accepted by the company on the purchased items.


  1. Orders

An order becomes effective only after acceptance by the company.The shipping of the order to the customer implies unlimited acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale to the exclusion of other terms or conditions. The company reserves the right to refuse orders without having to specify the reasons.


  1. Payment

The billing price has to be identical to the one indicated on the confirmation order which is sent to the customer. Excepting special stipulations, all products are payable with the credit cards listed on the website.

For payments via PayPal or other methods, of which you have no direct control over the transaction, refer to the general conditions of use. The data recorded by the company is the proof of all transactions carried out between the company and its customers. The order is charged on the credit card or debit card used for payment at the time of purchasing. In case of partial delivery there will be charged to your credit card only the delivered products and the shipping charges if request , in case of an error a refund will be paid according to the same medium used for the payment, if possible, or by any other lawful means chosen by the company.

Any price rounding during the payment process is not responsibility of Just Bijoux shop but it's part of the automatic rounding of payment platforms.

For payments by bank transfer, the product will be shipped after the payment has been credited. The company assumes no responsibility for any typos or communication from the customer in relation to the data on the bank transfer. If within 48 hours of your order will not be made for accreditation will be canceled and the products put back in storage, available to customers for purchases.

N.B. The company will notify the customer any outstanding to telephone and e-mail addresses issued at registration, in case of no response from the customer the company will proceed with the application for enforcement without further notice.


  1. Transport and import duty

The delivery times are for information purpose only and in case the delivery service encounters any obstacles that the company cannot predict despite the diligence, we cannot be held responsible.

The cost of transport is always borne by the customer if not otherwise explicitly stated. Should any additional costs for duties and VAT occur, will be charged to the customer as well as any other expenses that may result from the purchase made from foreign location/country. Any requests for tax deduction from the Switzerland value added to goods needed to be sent abroad must be made by contacting the company always before the purchase.

The products ordered in special conditions that acquire specific delivery times than those standards are explicitly exposed on this website. The delivery time for an order containing both standard and customized products is always conditioned for longer time.


  1. Warranty, substitution, return, ​​complaints

Prior each product being sorted for delivery, it is subjected to a strict control of quality, since in most cases the damage occur by customer. It has to be in the customer's attention and interest how he handles the product in this test phase so it complies to our return terms. Should be the case the product is not in good condition it shall not be accepted for the return of the purchased product as a result no refund is paid.

The warranty is 24 months from the date of purchase. Defective items are replaced or redeemed, only after a careful scrutiny by Just Bijoux staff. Oxidation, scratching, tearing and wear damage are not covered by warranty.

The customer has the responsibility to verify the integrity of the package and the purchased product, at the time of the receipt of goods. In case there is any doubt at the delivery moment, for example, if the box is damaged or wet, you must alert the shipper and receive the package by writing on the recipe bill "you receive subject under a control of the content ". Immediately report any problem to the company, providing also photographic support (if possible) .As a rule, all the articles returned incomplete, damaged or dirty will not be refunded by customers fault. Shipping costs, even if authorized by the company, are borne by the customer, unless specifically indicated otherwise in the return authorization. 

The company takes no responsibility in case of impossibility of delivery a purchased item, excepting refund of the total amount paid and any of the shipping fees charged. The ordered products expressly produced for a specific request cannot be replaced or refunded.


  1. Return conditions

The return procedure for the purchased goods requires that the customer must comply to a 14 days return term beginning from the reception of the goods along with the return authorization which must be priory requested to the company.

The customer can only return the unused goods that have to respect the following conditions: to bear the seal of guarantee, to be clean and undamaged, equipped with the original label and packaging. The absence of one of the above mentioned requirements will void the authorization to return even if already received.

The goods can be sent back by post or by courier on customer expense, except the expressly authorized cases. The company controls the items returned and decide, in according to their status, if the customer is entitled to a refund. Refunds are made in the same manner in which the original payment was done or by bank transfer if possible and at the discretion of the company, in 10 days.

We reimburse only the value of the goods, all expenses for shipping in the case of a refund, a return, or any other costs possibly suffered by the company, are charged to the customer and will be deducted from the amount before returning.

Should the buyer be not satisfied with the purchased goods, he shall return the items in their original sealed packaging, upon presentation of proof of purchase, by the conditions expressed in this document.

The oxidation of copper and silver is a natural process that depends on many personal factors, such as pH of the skin and the lifestyle that leads the person wearing them. Therefore, oxidation is not covered by warranty.

Custom tailored bijoux can not be returned.

Returning by courier

Shipping costs are always charged to the customer. In the package the client should enter the confirmation of the order and the authorization to return the item. Every received package that will be found without a return authorization will be held at the warehouses for up to 60 days, in case no claim by the customer will be processed, after this period the company reserves the right to alienate goods. You have to send the return to the following address, only after receiving permission from Just Bijoux staff:

SpotSwiss Sagl
Via Trevano 97


  1. Gift card

The gift cards on Just Bijoux are available with different amounts. The credit of such cards is applicable only to the value of the jewelery and not to the shipping cost. If your order total is less than the credit card amount, we will create a new coupon with the remaining credit, that you can use in the next order.


  1. Termination Clause

The total or partial non-compliance by the customer of any of its obligations will put the company in a position to refuse the demands of the customer.


  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions and the relationship between the company and the customer are governed by special laws. For any dispute concerning, arising out of or related to these Terms and Conditions or the relationship between the company and the customer will be exclusively referred to the court office in which the Company the company is headquartered, that the Court of Lugano (Switzerland). Anything not specified in this agreement as well as to its interpretation, the rules of the Swiss Code of Obligations.


  1. Payment Security

In case of an order or a request of the personal data of the customer account, before the transfer, a program of the server security SSL encrypts the information entered by the customer in 128-bit encryption; this corresponds to the standard system used by banks to make transactions online and offers the highest level of Internet security. As a guarantee, that this website is a protected area, the URL of it property of the company starts with https: //, where's stands for secured (protected) in the customer's browser, along with an icon of a closed padlock in bottom right.

The website https://justbijoux.com and the brand JustBijoux are property of:

SpotSwiss Sagl
Via Trevano 97
6904 Lugano


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