Care Products

Take care of your jewelry is a very important activity.

Some materials, such copper and silver, tend to oxidize naturally over time; following the specific advice, however, you can postpone by far these effects.

Oxidation, in fact, is not covered by warranty because it is a natural process and depends on many personal factors, such as pH of the skin and the lifestyle that leads the person wearing them.

To maintain the integrity of the jewelry, you should:

- Avoid wearing jewelry when you go to sleep;

- Avoid wearing jewelry while exercising or during cleaning activities;

- Avoid wearing jewelry when you have to sweat a lot;

- Avoid wearing jewelry when showering;

- Avoid exposing jewelry to perfumes, creams, soaps, sprays of all kinds and chemicals in general;

- Avoid soaking the jewelry in chlorine bleach, bleach, ammonia, thermal and salt water;

- Avoid using chemicals to polish the jewelry;

- Handle jewelry with care;

- Storing jewelry in special boxes away from heat sources.